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A cycling hotel

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Our hotel is designed for those cyclists who want to enjoy their passion in Majorca. Our 200 m² garage is just the first of many services we offer for cyclists: 


Order our special pack for cyclists and enjoy an experience designed just for you: 

 Workshop service and professional tools for bikes 

 Free laundry service for cycling teams 

 5 personalized routes (organized by our partner company Berganti Bikes) and trails for cycling 

 Welcome Gift: sports backpack, map of Mallorca with cycling routes, jerrican and 2 sports nutrition products (3action)


Hotel Playa - Camí Vell de Muro 

We leave Playa de Palma to start the hardest part of the route, the climb to Xorrigo, where we will reach Algaida. We will take a secondary road, with a down hill tendency, to Sencellas, half point of our route, perfect time to have a snack. We will then go towards the Camí Vell of Muro, to enjoy a completely flat road and the vineyard surroundings, enjoying not only the ride but also the views. Once we reach Santa María we will start the way back to our starting point.



Hotel Playa - Castellitx 

Charming route which will lead us to an unknown road by many in Mallorca but with special appeal. We leave the hotel towards Llucmajor via the service road, connecting secondary roads leading us to Campos. Once there, we will go towards Porreras, which will make us climb Es coll des Monjos, short but intense. Once there, we will continue with an uphill tendency, this time with a harder final ascent of about 5 kms until reaching Randa. Here is where we will find the special part of this route, where the road will lead us to the Castellitx Hermitage, which will no doubt take your breath away. Finally, we will go towards Algaida where we will head back to the hotel with a downhill tendency. 



Hotel Playa - Santuario de Cura 

In this route, we leave the hotel towards s'Aranjassa, where we will find a long and outstretched climb. Without it being too uneven, if you over do it you will suffer the consequences. We will have this gradient until we reach Llucmajor, where we will have a slight descent until crossing the village. Once we leave the village we will start ascending again, in this case towards Randa, starting the uphill to Cura Sanctuary, climb with incredible views, both during the ascent and once up there. Once we have recovered, we will start our descent, towards the hotel, with a favourable journey throughout which will allow us to cycle comfortably. 



Hotel Playa - Colonia de Sant Jordi 

Route more than 100 km in length but rather flat. Perfect to enjoy cyclo tourism in Mallorca. We will leave Hotel Playa, towards Sa Torre, climbing a steep slope of about 3 km in length before heading towards Camí de Sa Torre, a road with hardly any traffic that will lead us to Llucmajor, connecting various secondary roads to reach the coastal village of Colonia de Sant Jordi. We begin our way back passing by the Cala Pi and Cabo Blanco cliffs.



Hotel Playa- Coll d’Honor 

Starting point of this route towards Bunyola, always with a slight upward slope, not very hard but which will warm our legs. Once we reach the town, we cross it to the town place, where we will turn right to face a hard slope, the beginning of the mythical Coll d'Honor climb. Once crowned, we start its technical descent, to finally reach another small climb that will take us to the city of Orient. A kilometer from the city, we will face the descent to Alaró, a typical picnic spot for cyclists. After we have recharged our energy, return to the starting point, always on roads with little slope and little traffic.


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